A two-semester intensive seminar in photography as a contemporary artistic practice

Instructors: Kostas Ioannidis, Eleni Mouzakiti, Lambros Papanikolatos, Nikos Vasilakis, Alexander Voutsas,
Duration: October 2017 – January 2018 (first series); February 2018 – May 2018 (second series).

Total hours per semester: 96 

First Semester begins: Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

Second Semester begins: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 (first section) and Wednesday, February 14, 2018 (second section)

Time: 17.45 – 10.30

Location: Athens School of Fine Arts, 256 Pireos st.


The seminar is designed to spread into two academic semesters. Sections will meet once a week for a five-hour session (two hours of theory and three hours of practice and portfolio evaluation), for a total of 14 weeks per semester. In addition, the sections will meet for two intensive 12-hour weekend sessions per semester.

To register for the second semester, participants must have completed the first semester. Exceptions are made in some cases, if participants fulfill the requirements given below. A certificate of attendance is issued to participants for each semester.

The seminar’s aim is to cultivate the skills of critical perception, to encourage experimentation with the language of photography and its possibilities, and to guide the participants in creating a portfolio. Co-teaching, the involvement of more than one instructors in the teaching of a class, and guest lecturing are at the core of our philosophy and will be used as means of providing participants with multiple feedback on their work, which will be of considerable benefit to them.

The seminar sessions will combine theoretical instruction and practical work. The theoretical part will be structured around the slide projection and commentary of images –from the first photographic images of the 19th century and their use, to contemporary artistic uses of the medium. The approach will involve an attempt to place the discussion in the historical and artistic context of each period. In the practical part participants will be given creative photographic assignments, which will then be discussed and evaluated by their instructors and fellow students.


During the first semester (October-January) we will focus on the medium’s technique and technology, as well as its history and aesthetics. Participants will learn how to operate a photographic camera and how to process a photographic image. Through creative assignments based on topics of their own interest, they will become familiar with the technical parameters of shooting (types of cameras and lenses, illumination parameters, studio flash lighting) in different light settings (outdoor and indoor spaces, controlled studio settings), as well as the process of editing and sequencing of their photographic images. In the theoretical part we will examine the technological developments of the photographic medium from the 19th century to the present, as well as its uses in the sciences and the arts during the same period. The artistic developments in the field of photography, in particular, will be examined in the broader context of the history of the visual arts.

Participant profile: For attending the first semester courses candidates need only have the thirst for experimentation and knowledge acquisition. Any photographic camera is acceptable.


In the second semester (February-May) we will build upon the participants’ knowledge background by focusing on more specialized technical issues and exploring further the theoretical framework of photography as a contemporary artistic practice. Special attention will be given to the development of each participant’s individual portfolio. We will also devote time to strategies of communication and promotion of artistic works. Specifically, participants in this series will work intensively, develop their own photographic projects and become acquainted with the complex and comprehensive process of the selection, editing and sequencing of images –a process of vital importance for imparting structure and signification to their work.

The final aim will be the construction of a solid portfolio, reflecting each participant’s special interests and individual photographic glance.

In the theoretical part we will focus mostly on the ways in which different types of photographic projects of an artistic origin develop contemporary theoretical notions related to identity and performativity, memory, representation, and documentation.

Prerequisites: In order to attend the second semester series, participants must be well acquainted with the medium of photography, as well as the history and theory of visual arts and photography.









At the end of each academic year in June, participants present samples of their work at an exhibition venue of ASFA.


Total hours per semester: 96

30 hours will be devoted to the history and theory of photography and the visual arts.

66 hours will be devoted to practice and portfolio development (these will include the two intensive 12-hour weekend sessions).


October – June, 2017 – 2018. The period is divided into two semesters of fourteen weeks each (October-January / February- May). For beginners, the attendance of the first seminar series (October-January) is a prerequisite for registering into the second series (February-May).

First semester begins: Wednesday, October 11

Second semester begins: Wednesday, February 14 (first section); Tuesday, February 13 (second section)

Times: 17.45 – 22.30


256 Pireos st.


Kostas Ioannidis (history and theory of photography), Eleni Mouzakiti (history and theory of photography, portfolio development), Lambros Papanikolatos (portfolio development, photography techniques, communication strategies in photography), Alexandros Voutsas (photography techniques, studio), Nikos Vassilakis (specialized Photoshop applications).


For the first semester participants need only be willing to learn and experiment. Any photographic camera is acceptable.

Candidates who wish to register for the second semester without having attended the first, must be well acquainted with the photographic medium, as well as with art theory and history. As proof of the above, candidates must submit a sample of their work and a statement of intention-expectations, in which they should outline their previous experience (see below, under “Selection”).


Candidates who wish to apply for the first semester series must do so during the application period June 1-28, 2017, submitting the following application/statement of interest together with a short statement of purpose and expectations and/or previous experience, if any (250 words max.). An interview will follow. Candidates who are admitted to the seminar must, in order to complete their registration, pay the full amount of the seminar fee within a week from their notification.

Candidates who wish to apply for the second semester series must submit the following application/statement of interest during the application period September 1-30, 2017. In addition they must submit a sample of their work in digital form and a short statement of purpose and expectations and/or previous experience (max. 300 words). An interview will follow. If the candidates are admitted to the seminar, they must, in order to complete their registration, pay the full amount of the seminar fee at a date (to be announced) shortly before the beginning of the second series in February 2018. In case the seminar places are not filled after the first selection process (September 2018), the same process will be repeated before the beginning of the second seminar series.

Places are limited for all semesters and sections.

Application submission period for the second semester: June 1-28, 2017.

Application submission period for the second semester: September 1-30, 2017.

Interviews for the first semester: July 3 – 4, 2017.

Interviews for the second semester: October 5 – 6, 2017.

Announcement of the candidate selection results for the first semester: Thursday, July 6, 2017.

Announcement of the candidate selection results for the selected semester: Monday, October 9, 2017.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants at the end of each seminar series.


The participation fee for each seminar series is 580€.

Payments can be made through a bank deposit into the SARG account (National Bank of Greece, ΙΒΑΝ: GR4401101290000012954000076, SWIFT / BIC: ETHNGRAA) or by credit card (with the option of three installments) at the SARG offices.

ADDRESS: 42 Patission st.
WORK HOURS: Monday-Friday 10.00 – 14.00
TEL: 210 3897136, 210 3897100 (contact person: Ms. Konstantina Ioannou Sartzi)

Only if you have received a notification of acceptance you can pay your participation fee here: Pay for Workshop



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